Q: What do I need to do to prepare for my video tour filming?

A: Turn on all the lights and replace any bulbs that are not working. Clear away all personal (bath) items and clutter. You'll find more tips HERE.

Q: How will my videos be delivered?

A: Videos will appear on our YouTube Channel.

Q: Well my videos be suitable for MLS?

A: For real estate agents we produce two separate versions of your video: One branded with your (Realtor) contact information and one without any branding, which can be safeley added to MLS.

Q: Can I get my videos on DVD?

A: Yes, for an additional charge we will provide video on DVD or CD. The video file on CD may be uploaded to your own YouTube channel or other video service (Vimeo, WellcomeMat, Facebook, etc. Keep in mind that a video file and a DVD video are not the same thing. You can't upload a video DVD to YouTube, you will need a file. A file may not play directly on your computer if you do not have a video player such as QuickTime, Windows Media Player, or VLC. You can also access a video file (MP4) in any video editing program.

Q: Can I make copies of my DVD video?
A: Yes, you may make as many copies of your purchased vide as you like.

Q: How can I add my video to my MLS listing?

A: Go to YouTube, go to your video, click on "Share" and copy the code that appears:


Q: How can I add my video to a web page?

A: Go to YouTube, go to your video, click on "Share", then click on "Embed". Copy the code that appears. Add that code into your web page in "edit" mode. If you have a Wordpress web site, switch to "text" mode instead of "visual". The code will look like this:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/nv3vW67_rIA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

You can also turn off the "related videos" at the end. CLICK HERE to see how.
(Uncheck all the boxes before copying the EMBED code)

Q: Will my video include titles?
A: Yes, we include titles for various rooms and extras, such as Wi-Fi and Laundry titles for rental units, etc. Additional titles (square footage, MLS number, etc.) may be included by request at no added charge. Titles in foreign languages (for foreign market version) are available for an additional charge.

Q: How can I email the video to someone?

A: Go to your video on YouTube, click on "share" and then select "email". Fill in the "To", the email address of the person or persons that you want to send it to, any message you would like to include, and click "send".

Q: What should I do if the listing is sold or expires?
A: Under MLS rules you must remove the video from public view. To do that you will need to notify us.

Q: What areas does Realty Video Tour serve?
A: See the map on the right. Service to certain areas are subject to scheduling. We may be able to schedule special trips for two or more jobs in the same area.

Q: What about aerial or "drone" video and photos?
A: Yes, we are FAA authorizedunder our trade name Southern Helicam to provide commercial "drone" video services. All aerial services are subject to weather conditions and other restrictions. High altitude aerial photography is also available through our associate Island Air Express.

Q: Do you require a deposit for video tours?
A: Yes, a deposit is required to confirm a date for your video production. Full payment may be made at the time of recording or prior to delivery of your video. All video and photos remain the property of Realty Video Tour/ Tim Trott Productions until all charges are fully paid. Any materials used without paymentand/or our express permission may be viewed as a violation of Federal copyright.

Q: What about cancellations?
A: A 25% fee will be charged for any cancellation within 12 hours of the scheduled job.

Q: What if the property or rental uit is occupied?
A: We cannot record video if a rental unit is occupied.. For a home listing,the RealtorĀ® must be present at all times during the recording of the video.

Q: How long does it take to record the video?
A: On average the on-site recording will take from one to several hours, depending on the size of the property. A typical condo unit will take 1 hour to record while the average home will require about two hours on site.

Q: How long will it take for the finished product?
A: The edited product will generally be delivered within about one week.

Q: Will I be able to make changes to the video?
A: We will provide a preview video for you review at which time you may request changes and corrections. Additional change will require additional editing charges.

Q: What about music? Can I select a song for my video?
A: Due to copyright restrictions, we select appropriate customized music from our extensive library of licensed music. YouTube places an advertising image over videos which use copyrighted music.

Q: Can I get still photographs?
A: We can provide "frame shots" from any point in the video. Simply provide the time point in the video. There may be a small additional charge for still frame images. Still photography (DSLR or HDR) is avaialble at an additional charge.

Q: My email does not have enough storage for me to receive high quality images. How an I get them?
A: We can provide a download link for you to download image or other media from our server.

Q: I would like to include my photo and/or company logo in the branded video. Can you do that?
A: Yes, we are happy to customize your branded video. Be sure to provide the images prior to the start of the editing process.

Q: Can my video include voice narration?
A: Yes. Narration is available for $60 and up,, depending on the finished length of the video and narrator selectd. Script writing services are also available starting at $30. We can also provide a selection of narrators (male and female) as well as foreign voices and translations.. Please request a quote for your specific needs.

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